Did computer stuff

Got a asus Eee pc, x101H since it’s TDP is only 8.5w this will be the my new owncloud server, how ever it need a big ass 2.5″ hard drive, or some 22pin sata extender cables don’t know which way to jump just yet. Probably gonna mount it in side Moloch with the screen facing outside and multitail/apapchetop running

Stuff done today:

done a sweet html front page for Moloch

done some php

reinstalled OS (don’t mix testing and backports!) got owncloud 6, resynced the lot with SQLite. All on stable release again.

Configured Samba

Setup cron jobs

recent lighting storm affected Moloch cr232 battery and bios, reset the lot.


Ugly pic of an ugly box, but its the beautiful 1’s and 0’s on the inside that counts, 🙂 ?

How did i get an Eee pc? free from the Cork FoneSat people, my sony phone was such a bugger to fix they felt sorry for me and gave me a box of bits in the shape of a broken Eee pc, sweet as fuck. As a bonus the phone works as well.


Right thats the morning done, off to the land rover welding!


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