two two strokes.

Got the rover started, small leak from the copper washer on the drain bung. also the flapper on the exhaust was open the whole month or so it was off the road, queue buckets of black sooty water splattered everywhere, excellent.


obama agrees. awesome tzr250 oil pump which i have spent forever looking for.


So awesome i fitted it straight away, god i love ebay.


so next up was some welding to the xtdr, front mount was started and tak welded in place.


Chopped out a rusty bit of the rear grab rail.


then chopped out a replacement bit of rail from a tdr 125.


Fitted in ok, but the rot was further along the rail then i though, so instead of cutting it out (no time) i plated it, not so nice but at least it’s strong.


Even managed to bolt on one of the pipe, it’ll be running in no time (ha!)


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