Rc stuff


that was sarahs contribution.

Sooo anyway, things that have happened since the start of the month.

I finally got me a kawasaki, never owned one.

Pity about the unique colour. already removed the kiddy crap, haven’t gone out yet tho..

so to the hobby stuff, gonna make the tt01 into a truck. for no good reason. first i pulled it out.

also since the brothers gone back to canada, i got all his rc stuff, got about 4.5 cars now ūüôā

This is his charger, which is an american 110v so i have to make it run on 12v

So im gonna chop up an ATX PSU, and make it into a stable 12vdc output. a green sense wire needed earthing and i put 4 yellows and 4 black wires onto posts and that gave me 11.5v, i added a 20w 8.5ohm to a 5v line and got the voltage up to 12.1, happy but it could be better since under load it drops to 11.8ish, but the charger is happy.

and hear it is happily charging everything.

cb1100r finally moving under its own power, glorious sound.

Have a smashed up lawnmower.


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