More rxs100 bashing and piles of rubbish


Yeah snow.


Big rg125 carb probably going to my cousins tzr125 project. Yeah reading this choco?


Spare plastics pile.


Spare metal pile.


I literally have to dig for some of those rxs parts. with a shovel.


Found a nice tail piece, no idea what it is off but it’s perfect.


Two light coats of silver metallic and we are sorted.


Test fitment of seat, this is the rgv125 seat, a nice seat but lots of work to fit


and a bit too wide.


Rgv125 passenger seat. Angle’s a bit wrong.


and theres hole’s in it, sat on it for ages afterwards getting the footrest position right, got a wet bum.


Still load of chopping to do, front needs to be lower, will sort that after the exhaust, fairing needs the sides chopped off and put much further forward.


Whilst digging I found a right angle carb inlet to match that 28mm carb, interesting, might go for it, it won’t be in my knees way it will stick out a bit like a Harley’s. See that rusty mess on the seat? a college project.


The pivot was made of stainless steel.


After a bit of hammering and the wire wheel, it came out looking no worse then the rest of the bike, perfect slop free gear changes 🙂


I only need two of these wire’s, am going to run a quick attach head lamp like an endurance racer, won’t need a low beam, who would with 6v electrics?


Instanous looks improvement with the handle bars on. God its so narrow to sit on!


New pipe has to go on, the line where i needed to cut was marked with tape,


got it pretty well, just need fileing back now to make it perfect, I don’t have a proper purge welding system so the better the join (no gaps to fill) the smoother the inside will be.

And that was it for that day,

A friend (Frosty) has a tube bender! sweet! only does 7/8″ not good for make a scratch built car but would do nicley for a bike frame!


  • hmmmnz says:

    go the bucket racer 😀
    love it 😀
    i dont sappose you have an old kh125 barrel buried in there somewhere ?

    keep up the good work
    logan (nz)

  • TerraRoot says:

    Funnily that exhaust I’m messing with is meant for a kh125, and although i remember messing around with a ts100/kh125 creation that I built when i was younger, I don’t think there is any kawasaki bits lying there, it’s all gotta be dug up anyway so i will keep an eye out.

  • Martin says:

    I want to buy the RXS loom/main wire, if you still have it ?



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