bajaj tuk tuk

First up i found an rxs engine stuffed into a ysr gag bike.

Guy who did the pocket rocket a while back, bought this a few years ago, there may be plans in the works…

like a proper expansion pipe at least.

Then i set about attacking the tuk tuk, gotta finish some of these projects!

immediately followed by a quick break to stare at the gxsf600, after decided against the rgf125 track bike (at least for mondello) and a quick look to confirm the cbr is missing way too many bits, the gsxf looks like its getting the chop, probably SRAD suspenders, pod filters, rs125/250 tail end maybe a wider cbr6 rear wheel, plenty of time for a decent rear tyre to turn up somewhere.

Back to work you! weld on the gear change pivot.

all done! gotta find a really coarse nut to fit on the bolt.

extra bits that needed chopping off.

Did it run? fuck yea! lined it up against the garage wall for safety, gingerly selected first, clutch works! bring up the rev and ease out the throttle… and away it goes in reverse AWAY from the safety wall! šŸ˜€

got a fair bit of poke, pull ted and myself up the hill no bothers, no body elseĀ aroundĀ to take our pic tho šŸ™

cables are terrible, so the gearchange is not the best, also the throw of the change is massive, bit of adjustment there needed, needs an airfilter it’s too lean to run with out a little choke, some brake hoses, a master cylinder(got a cbr one), window rubbers, Ā another hoop for the roof, a roof(canvas), some where to put my feet, some where to put my arse, bucket of paint, set of tyres, tax and insure.

I think it needs a built in bbq in the back,Ā sausagesĀ burgers and biking anyone?


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