Feck all done to the Jago again

Well i got 8.2l/100km outa the runner, thats probably as good as it gets for now,fun as it is probably will have to go back to the cbr.

Got something done to the jago. The paint wasn’t so thick that the crossmember wouldn’t fit. however the paint didn’t like the rain or the ice .

Also someone nicked one of the bolts i got to put the crossmember in. it was probably me and i’ve forgotten. Got tca’s in with much lube and two big hammers. Fitted the arb then ran out of light for photos.

arb clamps need plenty of ┬ápaint, decided to call it a night then, next day i’ll find a few more parts the need painting and do a batch.

thinking of getting a gsxr750l and turning it into a gsxr750rk(l) rep

This is a great inspiration, also those three pics are now my desktop backround forever!


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