Jago Sandero?

But first have some (requested) pics of our own charley:

Right to the jeep, not calling it geep any more, maybe i should call it the sandero? hmm. These rear bush’s were not easy to get in.

Got some more paint and degreased the crossmember after i chopped off the engine mounts. finished article next time.

Straightened the plates at the rear, haven’t quite got a standard setup here no crush tube in the top bush so I’ll use and extra nut and lock the top bolt off, can tighten things up later if needs be.

Put the spring together, was wrong the other day about the lower cups being different, just the way/light i was looking at ’em.

Far spring hanger is quite stuck, so today I’ve got fetching red and yellow bush’s hanging out the rear.

Also did some playing with my busa’s idle, much better bike all round with it turned up to 1200rpm, was at 900rpm cutting out at the lights and making the throttle snatchy. cbr6 will be taken apart to have it’s carbs clean and sync’d.

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