Welding tan

I can’t take a pic but my left arm is like a fecking lobster and stinging like a bitch, however the tuk tuk is very very nearly done, now does any one have a copy of octopussy? can’t for the life of me find any clip of the tuk tuk chase scene, I swear it had a z1 engine stuffed in.

Turned it right way up to continue the welding.

CAD Cardboard Aided Design, think i’ll get myself killed if i tell that joke in CAD class..

Very dead headlight, gone now.

Should have built this patch first, cos I’m after dropping it in there now, magnet ought to fish it out later

rail’s welded to gether very nicely although you can’t quite tell in these pics.

Dragged out the cb1100r to tidy some stuff away, noticed how similar out red frames are…

Played with some of the jago parts, think i’m supposed to take out the roll bar bushs and then replace them with the HD one’s in the bag, probably won’t until the the standard ones are worn/soft.

Found these rear master cylinders off the cbr6, should do perfect for the tuk tuk’s brakes, the plan is to make two pedals rather like a tractor so i can brake independently each wheel, ought to help getting around corners 😀 If they push too much fluid for the drum slave cylinders one master cylinder will do, too old for skids and slides any way 😛

Sold the starlet, needed space for the tuk tuk. All thats left of my starlet is the gear knob, it shall live one in the jago!

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