Hayabusa 0 cbr6 1

Went for a spin on the busa wednesday,hand nearly exploded all four fingers still hurt to move, no more busa riding it’s gotta go.

On the plus side the cbr6 is still good, added a bit of weld to the right passenger foot peg to level it out a bit, put a bit more oil in it (filter is still leaking a bit) and when i discovered last night that the lights were pointing way up (haven’t actually driven in the dark in a long time) i chopped a wedge of metal out of the headlamp bracket and re welded that too, just have to wait till it’s dark to test it out.

Also a while back i re-soldered my 8-cell stick battery pack to make it fit in the tt-01’s 6-cell space, haven’t actually played with it since but it should be a lot faster then the old 800mah 8-cell pack. That is of course providing that the solder will stay in place, don’t have a very powerful solder gun.

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