Bombardier 125 in an Aprilia rs125 frame

My version of nabs “island mist” photos

I call it “steaming turd”

Bombardier rotax 125 rescued from a go kart and shoved into a rs125 frame? sweet!

Brother is building this thing so who knows what it going to look like when done, asked steve for a lend of a reverse cylinder tzr250 pipe to see if it might do.

On with the cbr rebuild

Spent 20 buying some etch primer for the frame and engine. what the hell was i thinking? am i really gonna notice that the paint isn’t very good while im riding? probably only crash it with such nice paint anyway.

Also I am not spending days cleaning the whole thing up. No. I’d have it built in the same amount of time.

did use a little nitromors to clear the old nitromors off the frame.

tada! rusty gate red, god I hope it’s doesn’t turn out like a clown car.



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