tuk tuk frame part 3-ish

Chopped out more of the old frame, bit difficult to get in there but I got it it the end.

Decided to take a risk and chop the other side too, it hasn’t fallen down. tomorrow will finish the other frame rail then next week it’ll be all welded together.

ebayed 8″ drum came finally!

New crossmember, arrived from a IrishEscortClub member, just the suspension top mount to find now.

Pedal box mystery

This weeks cute puppy is a little to excited to sit..

I’ve no idea what pedal box i have in the jago, it’s not an escort one…

EDIT: it’s a mk1 escort box, what the fuck? this does not bode well for the rest of the car..

m16 calliper rebuild.

Got the pins out and then discovered the pads were stuck in there too! nothing a hammer couldn’t fix

Seals plus the little rings to hold seals and the pads.

Yeah looks like the seals didn’t do there job, and it seems that the brake pipe thread is a bit botched on one side.. m16 rebuild stops here? four pot wilwoods on the cards?

Frosty came round in his excellent new van, just needed a small patch on the backbox, tomorrow he is helping me take metal and the welder out to sarges old house to do some work on the tuk tuk!

Jago Geep brakes

But first Kittens!

That ginger bastard kept clawing my back every time i turned 🙂

So to the shed, finally started the tear down of the front suspension of the jago.

the black ones are grp4 top spring mounts, far to big for mine which as you can see i only have one of.

The legs are different! first the rear leaves now this!, I think this one is a spurious replacement from back in the day, it’s quite good, how ever the older leg need a rebuild with fresh oil, research says i should go with 5wt or 10wt oil, no idea how much i actually need to put in yet.

M16 calipers, fuck there heavy, and quite rusted, if i can make em work for free, I’ll use them if not it’s splash the cash time and some wilwoods will appear, shouldn’t mind spending money on brakes.

Wanted the dust shields off, of course only one bolt out of six actually came out, rest were cut off.

Even different springs!, the right one is much longer even with a ring broken off! glad i bought a fresh set 😀

Stuff done again, surprisingly.

Niki took back his vl125 and the kawa’s getting a paint job

With Sean’s help got the tca’s out of the escorts legs, pleasantly surprised that there actually quite light the weight seems to be all in the legs/hubs, I can replace the hubs with alloy ones to get even less unsprung weight. Going with all steel suspension, no rubber!

Found this jago:



It’s uncanny!




jago/escort front suspension

Feeling quite slow today, not getting good sleep, swmbo has a chest infection.

got most of the front suspension apart, the crossmember is toast, one side the hole for the tca is oblong from someone not tightening up the bolt and the other side I’ve practically destroyed trying to get the tce bolt out (it’s still stuck there). Steering rack is good as is the ball joints, it’s a 4.5 turn rack, should be okay. Now I’m trying to figure out what to do with the front end, all steel or standard rubber bushs? all steel means I can extend the wheelbase by 3.5″ but then everything has to be changed, dampers, coilover kit, top mounts, compression struts, spherical joint tca’s, and there would be no anti-rollbar so the spring poundage would have to go up making a hard metal ride even harsher. Rubber means keeping the anti-rollbar which limits the heelbase to 78″, I don’t like vague suspension and I said I’d not be too stingy with this car so probably steel, I’ll see how I feel when I figure out how much and when my head clears abit.

Seriously low jago

Sorted the steel for the tuk tuk and the jago, stored it under the starlet, it’s a piece of steel so i didn’t take a pic. 😛

Now you see it!

Now you don’t! oh wait no it’s in the corner, damn.

Super low, should have done a pic with me in it wear a silly hat or something.

harsh sun slowed me down, but you can make out the slit i cut in the stuck leftovers of the rollcage (rollcage my ass!) so that waste is off now.

Slipped on the shortened roll bar and sat in, seems a bit tight will have to sort the seating position first before welding in the cage.

I wish.

Loads to do with the front end, are those legs really long or what?

think this has been in the back of the garage for about 5 years, apart from the crap power coating coming off the frame it’s looking quite presentable.

More busa cleaning and more bloody cruisers.

Started today by going out and getting the welder back from sarges garage, the tuk tuk will have to wait until we get the metal.

Finally did the rear brake pads, and then while I was at it I fixed the tank protector on properly and clean the right hand side of the bike (didn’t wanna get too over worked)

then went on to niki’s bike, plug was blown from running to rich, so the choke cable was unstuck and..

the air filter cleaned. took a fair bit of head scratching to figure it all out but we wanted to make sure that the blown plug wasn’t from over tight tappets or any thing. engine smokes a bit now but then it does have 57000km on the clock.

Ass of the jago is off the ground, it’s really tall. crazy chassis mods needed?

Rescued these from behind the garage, the gsxf is mine now.

Then i went home just as it started raining my my (half) clean busa 🙁

Post crash analysis

Apart from the cat scaring the shit outta me on a dark night, causing me to jerk my back into spasm and stopping my breathing again, I’ve been fine!

Christmas has come and gone and we’re now getting back to normal, haven’t done much too much ice and cold out there, went up to the garage to-day, 2″ thick sheet ice all up the road, The runner is light so at a crawl speed i made it fine.

Got my claim form sent off, the other guy has admitted liability so all that stands in my way of money is the efficiency of allianze. Almost positive that i want a gsxr1100w (watercooled 93-98). the clipons are above the top yoke so easily turned into a mile muncher, if i need the seat a little lower a gsxr750 tail piece and seat ought to fit (much nicer look too) 155bhp is probably way over the top, but hey throttle works both ways and I’ll still probably have the cbr6. Which is getting a fresh start with a bright red frame and a gunmetal grey engine and body work.

Managed to get the rear shocks on the jago, too damn frozen to do any more.

The whole point of going up to the garage today was to check if i had any delivery, and i did, yay!  Still waiting for the ebay seller to get back to me about that servo saver, mailed him again today. Would have the meccano RC going now but for the saver saver.

Jago axle

Got the axle off the jeep to weld up that tiny crack.


Struggled with the welder for a hour, trip blows if I turn it up to max (4) so at 3 I did the weld and it wasn’t pretty but it should do the job


Axle back in, lads at irishescortclub.com pointed out that a few vans didn’t have the spring pads either, there only there for comfort, so I chucked em. Not much comfort when you don’t have roof doors or a windscreen.


bout -1 this morning so after i knocked off the ice I used an old fourstar shirt to keep my arse from shattering, stayed in place great tucked under the strap, finally a use for seat straps!

ebay seller classicandmoderncarparts got back to me about the wheel cylinders, the sliding clips that hold the cylinder are no longer made, now i gotta find out if all 8″ drums use the same style cylinder or should i upgrade to a 9″ drum set.


The clips in question.

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