well today i was gonna take off the rear end of the yzf and give a right good cleaning.

but instead i got up on the roof and took down a shed.

cat wants to know what happened to the roof?

inside the new shed, it’s clean for now..

really bad shot of all the shiny bikes lined up. will try to get a proper one soon.

after all that, i got around to the yzf’s rear shock, swingarm stayed in place and i measured the exhaust height at 61cm, after fitting the new shock and having a bit of a struggle with the massive spacer installed (chuck it), the rear went up by 8cm!

not surprising when you see the old shock length

lastly free forks!



yzf750r, stripdown

whipped the fairings off, few broken tabs, some melty bits. nothing totally beyond me and my anathema to fixing plastics and paint.

with em off it was best to get bike power washed, so before:

and after:  blinging eh?


After: K&N filter too.

Airbox lid screws, yeah after 18 years you could expect one or two going missing. Must have been an obsessive K&N oil or something.

shock from the american lexus breaker got here, it’s sweet.

steering damper time! choices choices choices..

what else? about 7-8 points in the wireing loom need to be fixed properly, electrical tape does not count. the weird plate on the rear of the subframe have been removed, the tank has rusted through at some point and been repaired with chemical metal, not so bad, the tap however will need a rebuild as the petrol just flows out and lastly the headlight subframe is snapped.

all in all not a lot done today. pray for days off soon.


got one!, bike of my childhood! all those formative years reading Performance Bikes, having my mind subtlety warped by garishly coloured 90’s bike doing massive wheelies. I have to itch that itch .

€750 got an orignal not really messed about with hound, it’s 18 years old, all it’s chome is gone from the fork legs, the rear shock is off something shorter and stiffer and it’s blown, brake pads are really oil sponges and everything is grotty, badly needs a clean a front tyre and a steering damper.

Not changing the colour style, it’s awesome you know it 🙂


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