Tzr250 3ma

oil pump still leaks, it had no gasket behind it but after fitting one it still leaks, looks like it’s from the spindle.

It lives! took it for a drive around the driveway then, first gear is very tall ūüôā

Continuing¬†my morbid¬†fascination¬†for crashed bikes, looks like this 3ma got smacked into the ground then the car keep going grinding¬†what’s¬†left ever further. epic.

Also the m6 rose joint turned up, so during the week¬†I’ll¬†try and get charlie to machine me up a proper gear lever.

Tzr250 3ma

Put it back together for a test spin, just to see what else it needs.

‘masing what some wd40 and a rag can clean.

Next day i’ll attack it with a new fuel filter and some premix to test the oil pump. HAVE to put rear body work on, legs would be fired in flash.

Also¬†finally¬†did the oil and filter on sarahs car. about a year after i said ¬†would…

Tzr250 3ma

Had and exam today so left early and bascialy got nothing done coz I went for a spin.

modded spare airbox, hopefully that was¬†attached¬†to micks bike at one point and not mine ūüôā

looks good from this angle.

This looks a bit wrongie, rod would have to have a generous bend to avoid the frame

bit of man glue to seal up the crack in the oil tank.


Moved on from autocad to Inventor, I¬†quite¬†like what you can do with it, can’t wait until we are actually taught something instead of¬†blindly¬†clicking buttons whilst bored.

A friend i met in class is going to make this gear lever up for me, A friend with CNC is a friend indeed.

Also built a vane supercharger in Inventor, works fantastically but i haven’t sorted animations yet.

Tzr250 3ma

I got 7.7 litres/100km from the runner 180, the hayabusa actually use’s less… so I went up this morning to swap the clutch spring back to¬†normal, can’t find box of spring now, doh!

So i worked on the tzr instead, oh look and airfilter! wasn’t expecting that.

that big fat pipe goes no where, i think it’s part of the VAJ system.

(EDIT: it the air in, supposed to be attached to the bottom of the airbox)

rusty pipes, not actually very rusty at all,

one of the advantages of rear pipes is no road crap being flung at them.

No identifying marks on the pipes.

(EDIT: ¬†they are SP Tadao ‘Jackals’, worth more then the bike ūüėÄ )

Ugh, can you believe it actually ran on this?

Put proper front fairing on and sat an made noise’s.

Can of pj1 is full but the nozzle gave up.

New Toy! Tzr250 3ma

This toy even runs! abit..

Strip down commence!

first thing i did was put that kickstart on properly and put a non bent bolt with threads in it.


Took off the oil tank, small crack in the flange, but it seems not to be leaking, so if thats not broke what else is broke that caused farmer boys to start running premix?

rear pads had exploded with rust, rolled freely after i levered the caliper off.

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