Dirty busa

haven’t even use 2 tanks of petrol yet and it’s manky, also lubeing the chain yourself sucks, scottoiler ftw!

Put all the fairings on, right side fitted fine, but left side was a disaster, looks like the upper fairing cage is still a bit bent.

Must retire busa

cold tyres, need to overtake, loads of gas at 100km, pass car sideways, had a silly grin for a while after that but really… ffffuuuuu

Need to make a little money to get the cbr back on to daily driver duty, rear tyre, speedo cable and front brake pads about €204. So fixed some mopeds by swapping good parts from the one with the dead engine to the crashed one, changed the boxs around and by god there heavy, also massive space for a wooden flat bed there to0, redneck moped!

the beach

future rat busa?

Finally got a spin, lovely weather, busa not as scary as i had hoped, incredibly smooth and well suspended with a great seat and it’s got a trip computer thingie telling me that i’m getting 7l/1ookm at the mo but i was pissing around zipping to the chinese and following sarge on a rebel 125, will get better at steady speeds. Sarge is on his gf’s 125 because his vn1500 is blown up, so i did the decent thing and turned up on my new fully functioning busa and rubbed it in 🙂

The busa rebuild started, cbr6 build (nearly) finished.

Niki’s tank, it really does look like any year tank will fit.

I’m not actually allowed to work on the busa. cheapest busa i can find online is €4000 and that’s a 01 with 47000km on the clock, mine has 7000 and is a 06, it’s mad to keep it, i should sell it on and buy quite a lot of entertaining bikes for the money i could get. ted wants me to keep the busa, said that he’d keep the busa and i could sell the R1. R1 is worth nothing. More annoyed that nobody can see that the sight of me on a brand new busa worth 6 grand is ridiculous, by the time I’ve gotten my moneys worth I’ll be 50+. One grand got me the cbr in the first place and that got me through 5 crashes and 40,000 miles, do that by Six and with Six different bikes and we’re talking timmy style then.

I’ve had 37 crashes, any other parent would be happy if i wanted to get rid of a bike that can do 186mph.

Front cage needs to come down a touch, cbr in the background is only stuck on the clocks (won’t fit with honda bars) and a decent sized zip tie to hold on the scottoiler.

Ted won his first race, bit late to become a racing superstar







BUSA spares!

Ahem enough of that now, as you can tell i’m a bit excited 😀 got for roughly 23% of what a 2006 busa is worth. Gotta get loads of parts but it money well invested.

Got the new plugs in, had to file down the plug spanner, very tight in there. they were the only part holding me back.

so now the air filter is in, only difficult bit left is to take out the exhaust studs and replace em with bolts. once i got the tank and side panel on idecided to give the engine a spin over, no power 🙁 more stuff added to the list

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