mechanics work out

changing tyres, whole lotta grunting going on. you can’t see it but the tyre is cracked as well as worn.



Newish michelin pilot power, and some front wheel bearings.



Painted the tank badly, but that’s ok, you can’t see it under the truck ūüôā


cbr6 gets some love

Yep really leaky now.

Single Sided Funny Front End?

Arty shot win, camera fail. ought to do a photo shoot with a real camera soon, before it get mangulated again.

Next week should be YZF love time.

Getting ready for winter.

Honda 50cc trails bike, so tinchy. only let down on this jewel is the steel rims.

TDR pipes have arrived! got em for ‚ā¨112, bargain!

Dug out the xtdr.

They miss the tank and the petrol tap, the hardest to mod, the frame how ever is getting the chop, no biggie, it’s all ready mauled.

New tyres all round again for me, pirelli dragon evo 150/60, whipped off a sumo bike that seemed never to have been leant over? lots of chewing up in the centre section from engine braking.‚ā¨60 bargain.

I though i had a dragon evo front to match, but no it’s actually a dragon supercorsa, yay more track tyres in winter.

Also fitted the black exhaust pipe, quite on idle, raspy on accel and the fueling is right again. Gotta fit a new fork seal next week no excuses!


went a bit mad in work,¬†stencilled¬†up a 22″ harry, karols shirt and my bike, had to draw the line at the work van and¬†juniors¬†car..

10 hour day? pfft!

Got my spare rear fitted after work hours today, it’s weird seeing a clean wheel. Nice that this dunlop 160 fits the rim unlike the michelin¬†160, massive¬†difference¬†in width.

yuckie effluent.

mods to come

Winter at a lawnmower shop means fuck all work, which is perfect for crazy projects. f2 sumo sumo is go! (translation: cbr gets turned into a fat bastard supermotard)

right now it needs tyres, bald front and a nail in the rear means i need something to get me to the winter in one piece, since i need the cbr to commute!

a bridgstone road race slick front and a dunlop comuta special rear. which one will spit me off first?

cbr6, R1, and scorpion can.

So i was at work the other day an some chickens invaded and shat all over the floor.

the trained ninja death gerbils didn’t do squat. something about pay, and food. kubota¬†mechanics¬†are such bitches.

This got the the chicken to retreat. you’d run too if you ever heard a 120cc chainsaw starting up..

What the Fuck has all this got to do with making an r1 link pipe fit a cbr 6 exhaust and a scorpion slipon straight through end can? nothing.

and george don’t give a shite about it either.


Make bikes, not lawnmowers!

looks like when the season is over, i get to make second hand lawnmowers! ‘m thinking mirror¬†polished decks and performance¬†exhausts¬†lol

back to proper bikes, went on a sunday spin the other day despite being wrecked tired, spotted this nice katana

everything is perfect except the upside down bars. fecking idiotic.

During the week it was time to service the poor cbr, got it a new sprocket carrier bearing.

old one was rusty toast. Then i had a go off turning the cbr into a hypermotard.

thats a tdr125 seat, ‘mazing how narrow the cbr is. Went to measure seans cr250 to figure out what the seat/bar/pegs¬†triangle¬†is. cr is in bits. bugger.

think i can raise the seat at ¬†3″, i think seat to pegs should be about 21″ if i want to change from seated to stood up easily. I plan to drop the pegs anyway, should need less seat height then and the bars wont have to be sky high then, less space for underseat tank on the other hand…


bad luck, getting a puncture at speed.

good luck, finding a half spent can of tyre repair at the closest petrol station.

bad luck, hole in the tyre is too big.

good luck, not having to go to work tonight ūüėÄ

tomorrows gonna be hard, what the frag am i going to fix? sort the busa? the runner? 10 year old spare cbr6 tyre? star trek like transport system for pizza’s? wouldn’t be such a pain if there was a tyre repair place open…..

welding rubbish together

This is what the pizza box holder looked like prepaint but post final welding. have got any pics of it painted. it was fun making it but it’s no work of art.

So¬†today¬†i fixed up the bajaj’s foot gear change, needed another lever to make it a heel toe setup and spare metal to lengthen the cable arms, so the rg125f’s homemade rear set got the chop.

Ain’t it lovely? the ratio i used was 21/8 or as close-as-damn-it 2.5/1, handy to know for anyone¬†attempting¬†a vespa foot gearchange.

off to the london excel show this weekend, hope i score a nice helmet. Gonna bring a nice book so i can avoid drinking.

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