mechanics work out

changing tyres, whole lotta grunting going on. you can’t see it but the tyre is cracked as well as worn.



Newish michelin pilot power, and some front wheel bearings.



Painted the tank badly, but that’s ok, you can’t see it under the truck ūüôā


bit of this, bit of that.

yz250f in the garage, shock has a good 4 inchs of travel (without the bump stop, nearly 5 inchs), since then i’ve dropped the idea of using a mx damper, found a qa1 59 series shock, 9″ travel, shock valving to suit me and ‚ā¨48 a corner.


Wanted to know what year yz i had, left the pic here, because of just how sharp it is, really get the hang of my phone + focal app.


Gotta repair the land rover tank, gave it a massive power washing, found tiny hole by the drain hole.


so for the price of some two pack epxoy, i tried to seal the bash plate to the tank, cost about ‚ā¨30. worth a shot i thought.


tommorow this seam will be dry, and i’ll give the tank a coat of paint then see if it will keep diesel in it.


After that i still hadn’t enough exercise, (new job , sitting on my butt, loads of spare time + money!) so to help getting on with the yzf i slapped on a new tyre we had lying around.


eek! rim has been welded, possibly why the front tyre is always flat. may have to sort that later with a can of tyre weld.


Done!, also had to replace the tyre valve.


michelin pilot sport hpx, should suit the weight of the yzf. tomorrow more work.

cheap land rover parts

well managed to change the track rod end, easy peasy with the proper sized hammer. cheap ass track rod, it’s own grease nipple didn’t even fit!


To better suit the plus 2″ shock (the parabolics don’t lift it as far as the internet suggests) i got military shackles! the two on the left are genuine, the rest britpart, quality’s all over the place.


Got the rear shocks fitted anyway, just cut off the bit at the end + two threads so it won’t rub on the spring. think a spacer between axle and leaves may be removed as evidenced by the spacers used on the ubolts.

on the other hand been proved pretty inexperienced by this fecking land rover, more then once again.


need another track rod, they all seemed fine a while ago! feck sacks


So picture this, i drive over to lee radiators, to ask him if he can have a quick look at my leaking tank and let me know if its fixable. he can’t be bothered to look and says we can repair any small leak.

so i got the tank off and brought it down, i’m not even in the door and he says he can’t do it! used to do loads for the military, the tank is rotten behind the (welded on) bash plate, Well fuck that for not coming out and having a look at it the first time i came over! W**KER.

Been off the road now a couple of week.

I ordered a new tank, four shocks and a track rod end.

After a week, they figured out that the tank won’t fit on a pallet and therefore can’t deliver it, should have cancelled the whole order their and then.

Front has 6 inchs of travel, all ok, apart from it only has 6 inchs.


Rear shocks have 8 inches of travel, but have a different closed length. fuckity fuck.


so despondent, pure shite, shocks bottom out before bumpstops, the rear shocks rub the leaves AND more importantly the valving is just non-existent, what’s the point of having dampers with the same rebound and bump rate?, gonna try and find some long MX shocks (5″ of stroke?) and put them on a bellcrank to up the travel

and just what is with the stem on the end of these shocks? it’s a stock land rover setup, but when do you stop winding on the nut? there is no stem/collar like on the stock

on yeah and the track rod end won’t come out! Fail day.

have a huge dr750 piston.


ikky diesel

Well got that tank out, but also took off the carrier on the top. I was going to weld it up (cracked in the middle) but after finding out it weighed ten tons and where the rear loop bolted to body needed work too, it’s a no brainer. keeping the cab loop, it’s pretty solid, may just finish it right and weld it to the chassis thus turning it into a proper roll bar and not some lash up attached to the soft top mountings.
Also found another worn track-rod in the steering.

also i badly need a real phone.

Better out than in!

land rover break down number 1, fuel filter clogs up on the way to work, no tools, no worries! least i wasn’t wearing a suit….


tank is probably on its last legs ūüôĀ still ‚ā¨200ish isn’t so bad, hope i get something done before the pump dies on a diet of rusty fuel.

More brake problems

but first a little break from real work:


only a quickie up the road, rear drum brake is a oval-ed but it runs good, really surprising actually. which is just another way of say my cbr’s suspension is very dated…

back to work, bled truckie’s brake, burst a solid pipe. not a nice sound, bloody lucky it went now and not on the road.


all tidied up now, everything seems sorted..


bloody shit sealey ak506 brake line flaring kit is wrecked, only made 3 flares (not including fuckups, practice go’s and mistakes), will mod it to work again, can’t be arsed getting a more expensive kit or dealing with ebay sellers.

fixed my brakes i hope

Wheel cylinder went byebye, but judging by all the crap in there the hub seal maybe gone too.




I just snipped off the old cylinder and that meant making a new double flare on the old line, got a cheap shop damaged sealy kit for flaring lines, had a few practice go’s on it and after modding the tool clamp to sit level with the pipe clamp, it’s looking all leak free!¬†next week i’ll bleed it, better call jc desmonds and ell em to have land rover bleed nipples on standby.


I should really change the shoes, shure it’ll be alright.

took some pics of the garage as it is now, with proper windows and doors, much nicer place to be. so i should get more working done in the winter, ya?


0718SSA40809 0718SSA40808 0718SSA40807 0718SSA40806 0718SSA40810 0718SSA40811 0718SSA40812

Also ted burnt his one good leg out in a kayak, ouchies!


more coffe, more work


Had busy day, finally stripped the forks off the yzf. mmm six-pots…


No more things found wrong thankfully


More things wrong with the truck, looks like a hub seal on this corner.


More holes on this side


But it’s all painted in one colour!


Other good news : adjusted the brakes fully, stops great now, slapped in a cheap boost gauge, only making half the boost it should so there is more power to come!

might have forgotten a few things, keep forgetting to bring a camera with me.


The bin has been modded.


Sorta fixed my door


Old one was held on with some nuts that weren’t even close to fitting.


putting the glass in was straight forward, even if i had to make my own holes.


nice n’ tight


looser then some derogatory term involving prostitutes.


old door top, hard part was¬†getting¬†the old glass out, all the screw’s were quite¬†seized.



Did this make the passenger side¬†quieter? nope, you can see it in the pics, the really LOUD banging while driving is actually the¬†plastic¬†trunking used for the upper spots, great, i’ll just duck tape that up, lovely!. now i can here the gearbox hitting some where and upper part of the roof rack is cracked in the middle. quiet is overrated. also the front right wheel bearings are rough ūüėź

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