Other things that happened

Oh whats this for?


But never mind that, time for a spin!

Tasty noise

Bought a new bike! only new bike ever, yet to drive it, stock is too slow!

Race bike got it’s tyres, it started too. Ready To Race.

Fixed my shaver charger, “fixed”

Flat battery,

Fecked rectifier

Soldered all in again top job.

15 years plus that stone has been in my knee, so nice to have it gone.


Dog has a help out spot, but only when the weather is nice.

Runner is dead, wibbly handling isn’t as fun when you have no one to race!

Engine will live again in a decent go kart frame

Got that front end on!

feck it these clocks weight tons! steering loads lighter, that may have to do with different trail figures and the lighter wheel

Very cracked

shed upgrade!

Rg125f Disassemble

Literally dug this out on my hols, gotta get a better hobby.

Made it to the trailer, tyres keep air in them!

Engine so not healthy

Tank, yeah that was fucked ten years ago when i put it in that ditch.

Made it to my house!

On the plus side, the exhaust does not have any holes it shouldn’t have!

Piston, well it’s still there..

Total restoration,

horrible isn’t it? not the spider he’s cool.

CDI seems to be one of the good ones. 32900-19d90, well it was quick enough when i did run.

Do i need half this shit back here?

I don’t need all this shit in the airbox

🙁 revg250 34mm carb is dead

So dead.

alrite boss

that was cracked years ago too, lost the head bolt and the vibes cracked it.

this tank is magnificent

Gonna install a PC in to it, of course.

Lighter rear, more may come of, gotta save weight this bitch weight 125KG dry!

I broke no bolts getting to this part, no Suzuki bolts anyway.

This is the only damage i can find after the crash that put this bike into the hedge for ten years, bike is over built.

And we’re stuck, swingarm axle needs heat and a much bigger hammer to move it,

rescued the petrol cap!

Spare part hunt turned up 5 cylinders, at least two of them are 22d0 vj22 cylinders, those should be the best for power.

Many carbs, i think two are 32mm carbs and the rest 34mm, didn’t have time to measure.

GSX600F front wheel, took it off for another project, but might do for this.

GSX600F disc’s, not to my taste but probably the right diameter .

GSX600F calipers also should fit, may fit them because they are smaller/lighter


SO many ideas to tune the engine, think i can get a solid 30bhp at the rear wheel, most of the ideas revolve around better head and squish, better cooling the piston so i can run more advance.

will post what i do here, when i decide what i want to do!

axiam mega city, more half assed

So thats the service, battery, huge and 0.0 volts.

The main traction battery, fucking heavy.

Find the dead battery!

Dropped a tool into the depths of the motor bay, so had to take the soggy under tray off. found a nice diff/gearbox, it’s clockablity is making me want to put a bike motor in.

also the bloody expensive broken leccys bit, they want me to put a bike motor in too.

this mofo

dead service battery replaced by a semi alive traction battery, for now.

new config, still 48volts

so dead, so heavy.

still have to replace the ESC, want to mount it inside to avoid getting it wet.

TerriCab #4

Very long time no update, so now there are lots of updates, because i never stop taking photos of things with my crap phone:

kept working on the old pc speaker amp,

replaced many old crumbly connections.

added a soundcard, motherboard gave out about that, rubbish toshiba.

gave up and bought this! way better, no pops crackles or other ear shredding sounds.

While i was buying things, it’s fun, but does not save your score.

Back to to wood work:

Shed got a light!

TerriCab got more reliable WiFi!

Card didn’t fit so great so a standoff needed the chop.

Painted the monitor bezel

More to come,

TerriCab #3

More arcade wood work! cut out at rear for air flow and cables.

Monitor is in! yeah not exactly huge and it was a bit of work to get the screen parallel to where the perspex will go, used two bits of rotten decking underneath and an old pink shelf to lift the back thats on it third life now, last used as a cradle for the baby!

right now the monitor is in the center and i’ve been checking all week to see if the mdf will sag, no sag so far anyway, fingers crossed.

weathers been difficult…

Sound, yeah i could very cheaply pick up a tiny amp and some reasonable speakers, but wheres the fun in that?

I can’t remember where these PC speakers came from, i kept them for ever since the head phone jack is amplified! health and safety? best left in the mid nineties, right where these things came from.

pictures are in reverse order, the six pin potentiometer , b1k, is very crackly, so i just bypassed it. and because i don’t own a solder sucker i sniped the legs off it afterwards. tiny speakers will be replaced by whatever i scavenge. may replace transformer with something newer just to practice my electrical skills. Judging by how rough the board is I may be getting plenty more practice.

TerriCab #2

Well more stuff done. Stuck some plastic feet on, a chopped up chopping board, on the base of the cab and got it upright with out breaking anything!

The comp is ready ish to go in, still playing with wake-on-lan

Super sticky tyres from japan for next years nifty fifty, bt-39-ss, the ss is the important bit!

Got a real keyboard, replaceable cap and switches, metal case, blinky leds, but more importantly really loud blue switches!


TerriCab, nice name for the latest project, been a while with babies, work and winter(s) so lets get back to doing a few things.

first the backlog, Aixam is still not up and running, seems to be a dead ESC.

so i obviously ordered an upgrade! course the batteries are dead now, so it’s still sitting there.

Cbr got fresh tyres, badly needed

need more free days to get the chicken strips off

nifty fifty 2018 went a head, great race, except the bit where it got called early and i didn’t get to go out. 🙁

and on to TerriCab, i do have some other pictures, it’s the basic shape of a zaxxon cab, can i find those pics? nah.

so lets skip a few step and head to the feet design! MDF soaks up any moisture so putting it straight onto the garage concrete floor is not a good idea, wheels are the best solution, but they cost money, i’ll use a random feed plastic feed bag as a damp proof membrane and two other bits of normal wood

is any of the random pots of paint left around the house non-water based?, no but this can of stone chip seals things nice.

gotta buy a super cheap plastic chopping board to go underneath the feet again, should slide around great.


axiam mega city melted wires

gotta lay hands on some heavy duty soldering gear



axiam mega city, fuse blown

Breakdown! Axiam build quality provides some entertainment 🙂

250A fuse seems to have been breaking down for some time


Which explains the glitches I was having with the service 12v, as the dcdc converter got it’s power from the same bolt (no service battery, yay!)


Pretty bad!



Random junk I used to get back from town, had my fingers crossed for more speed, but I think that very secondhand scrap of sandpaper didn’t quite create a great contact surface


On ebay that fuse appears to be for car stereos? Anyway the insulating block underneath is melted to buggery too, so some re-engineering is in order.

Nice day for a breakdown aswell, to much time in the office.

Aixam Mega City a751

I bought this! yeah em quite some time ago, couldn’t sort the insurance just yet, but after the weekend i’ll rolling down the road in a fibreglass box

IMG_20160627_192215 IMG_20160627_192230 IMG_20160629_191021 IMG_20160628_145109 IMG_20160628_145128 IMG_20160628_145159 IMG_20160628_145247 IMG_20160628_145254

still haven’t found the service battery, 48volt gold buggy motor, about 350kilos of lead acid battery. 60kmh downhill, brakes a seized i hope and not just shite.

needs a cycle analyst of some such, stock instrumentation is laughable.

planning on lithium upgrade, maybe next summer.

oh most importantly, no NCT needed for this car!


that totally worked.

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