tt-01 9.6v first bash

body wasn’t wide enough to fit over the wheels.

so i just gave up on the idea and quickly slashed open the wheel archs

High mounted it for the high speed off road rally look.

And went and had a little fun! i love the handling, steering is worth nothing it’s all done on the throttle, the diffs are wide open so it’s defeated by pebbles, crap got every where, needs a protective tub, even with a larger 9.6v battery pack wedged in there on it side high the handling wasn’t really affected mostly i think because the tyres are so rock solid and lacking in grip, some longer shock and proper steering joints will improve the whole car lending it a more scale dirt rally look to the handling.

I did the wheels better by running the marker over them while running the engine, much better looking (i’ll get pics some other day)

Only thing annoying me now is the remote, the one on the left is working fine but it’s tiny and my finger can fall off the brake trigger, the carisma one just glitches for no reason. Maybe the guts can be transferred?

Saw an rmx250 on gumtree the other day, nearly had a bikgasam, would it be better than a gsxr1100?


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