tt-01e rc and cbr6 fix up

So the tt-01e kit turned up in the post finally, just after i kinda gave up on meccano thing, still might see the light of day some time in the summer ya never know.

Didn’t take any pics while putting it togther, too busy following instructions for once.

Done!, rock hard tyres and blackened rims with a permenant marker

One of the white one’s was bent and all the other rims had glued on rally block tyres, so my single chrome wheel went on.

Want to put on the scooby body but i figured that I’d be crashing and bashing anyway so I started with a body i don’t care for, think I’ll channel the body down 2cm’s and raise the front arch to clear the wheel. the rear will be over the wheel much like an extreme touring car.

Definition of a well used tyre. Got my damn moneys worth I tells ya.

170 width conti tyre went in fine, it might rub the right hand side of the hugger a bit will find out if it ever rolls again.

Dinner time!

I must admit the for a while there during the snow I was thinking of spending the insurance money on a van. But I’m better now, gsxr1100 and while I’m on that the cbr should get a turbo.

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