Jago axle

Got the axle off the jeep to weld up that tiny crack.


Struggled with the welder for a hour, trip blows if I turn it up to max (4) so at 3 I did the weld and it wasn’t pretty but it should do the job


Axle back in, lads at irishescortclub.com pointed out that a few vans didn’t have the spring pads either, there only there for comfort, so I chucked em. Not much comfort when you don’t have roof doors or a windscreen.


bout -1 this morning so after i knocked off the ice I used an old fourstar shirt to keep my arse from shattering, stayed in place great tucked under the strap, finally a use for seat straps!

ebay seller classicandmoderncarparts got back to me about the wheel cylinders, the sliding clips that hold the cylinder are no longer made, now i gotta find out if all 8″ drums use the same style cylinder or should i upgrade to a 9″ drum set.


The clips in question.

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