No pics this time, dead phone again, mostly did measuring today anyway.
quite accurate:

1034mm outer width of spring mounts(includeing 6mm jago frame)

88mm leaf bush width

934mm leaf/spring sadle center

485mm leaf eye to axle

m12 front bolts

quite dodgy:

1346mm wide axle (53″)

1220mm back plate to back plate (48″)

This stuff is from a guy named boswell, who is looking for axle info for his datsun.

the standard 120y axle is 51.5 inches (1308mm) [114.3 pcd]

MGB axle is 52 inches (1320mm) [114.3 pcd]

Ford Capri Atlas is 58 inches (1473mm) [108pcd]

Ford escort English axle is 54 inches (1371mm) [108pcd]

Ford Anglia van std axle is 50 inches (1270mm) [108pcd]

Reliant Scimitar is 53 inches (1346mm) [114.3pcd]

Axle was doing my head in until i saw his info, it must be an escort axle, with an anglia 4.44:1 diff, the brakes however are still annoying me,

Are all 8″ drums the same? I don’t like the single piston sliding thing, but if it were just that i’d live with it, it’s the imperial vs metric thats tripping me up now, are they anglia drums (imperial) or escort (metric)?

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