Crossflow and Pinto dizzys

The jagos status at the mo, gonna keep the english axle but swap it for a good 3.54 and run it with 13″ wheels, use the crossflow for as long as possible then if i switch to bike power the 3.54 ought to suit it fine. The full cage idea is gonna wait, just a lowered half cage right now, with the small wheels it much less likely for me to flip it. Low low seats and maybe a floor mounted pedal box, Locost style windscreen would fit lovely on the shuttle, roof and doors can wait.


Pinto distributor cap on the crossflow, amazed it fit, was all set to find some megajolt stuff (still might if the engine is good) and a 36-1 trigger wheel, the crossflows cranks pulley is a bit bent and it needs an alternator a v belt and a oil cap, not much then. oil, oil filter, fan is broken, have a carb and inlet on the way in the post, need an air filter and a gasket, what else?


Pinto dizzy, will actually measure up the difference some other day.

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