Recommissioned this for a friend of my dads, bloody Teflon cables were all shagged.


Made a start on the starlets rear brakes, still seized, little tear in the rubber dust seal held water in there and its a rusty mess, maybe I should forget about it concentrate on the engine and let the new owner sort that out?


Nrg fork bending.


Got it a bit straighter, but then the stem got a little bent, it’s very tough, too tough, so I’ll have to find new forks some where.


Then I got up on the roof and nicked it..


.. to turn it into my new garage floor, the jeep will be here Friday! keep thinking about engines for it, I forget I’ve already decided to put a bmw 316 (probably an m40) in it and find my self looking at 4age to t9 gearbox bellhousing’s. Not that I would actually use a 4age, probably a late 4afe, much cheaper and nearly as fast, downdraft inlet just like a proper engine.

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