TZR250 into a 125 frame.

Fixed the headlights on the car, it was only the bulbs in the end, no idea why both went at the same time really. Only an exhaust a calliper and the hazard lights to be fixed.


Did we need that bit?


IKT frame plonked on top of the engine to keep it out the way, I am missing a load of bits to make this thing a runner, so Steve G suggested I put the engine in the rg125…..

and it’s damn good idea. I did squeeze a rd400 engine in there before and that engine is a lot longer then the (completely no realation) tzr250 engine, also the sale of the tzr bits might fund the buying of a tsr125 rolling chassis, so i’d have a home for the rg125 engine, it would be my wheelie machine.

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