TZR 2ma/1kt rebuild

Had to finalely take all my tzr bits back off steve g, shouldn’t have left them there for so long, anyway onto the new project!


This is a 1kt frame that been attacked by a “stylist” knob head. there’s more parts out of frame to the right.


More parts, sold the 3xv frame to ted, he’s gonna put the dr750 engine into it.


Much cursing.


More cursing.


whole fucking extra bunch more fucking cursing of all farmers who think them selves engineer’s. Wasn’t even anyone around to hear me cursing, it was that bad.(1kt engine in3xv frame, not good)


Much sweat was spilt to get this far.


Not as much as was to change these four tyres and paint four wheels, fuck that was hard work. Gonna try and pass an NCT so needed tyres with thread.


  • chocolate says:

    Car looks very well. Finally got the finger out with the 250. Tell ted dont even think about putting a dirty diseal DR engine near that 3xv frame. Why didn’t you put a turbo engine from the GT in that car?

  • TerraRoot says:

    well he’s giveing me money so he can do what he likes with it, I think it’s an interesting idea, but would much prefer a maico 700 slotted in their myself lol. 4efte too much wireing and money, with some bike carbs and €200 worth of exhaust this engine could be up to turbo standards(ish). Probably gonna slap a turbo on the 1300 xflow in the new car.

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