Jago Geep

Decided to get that Geep, escort parts are cheap and the jago chassis and body are pretty simple rock sold stuff, in the long term i will grow to love it.

Heres a good looking jago, massive wheels are not really to my taste, but tall skinnys could do me. Compared to a willy’s jeep (which the jago is meant to be a copy of) the front axle is way to far behind and the windscreen needs a bit of a lean back

Things you can do with a real jeep:

If i don’t grow to love my jago i can take the escort parts and find some frame to bolt em to, maybe my own kit car? awesome.

Want to find an early 80-86 ford cvh 1.3 engine it’s really short stroke and would sound wonderfull on full chat with a set of bike carbs and two cherry bomb silencers(?) probably not gonna find one though so may have to settle for a 1.6, really would like a 4afe but won’t be able to sort a t50 gearbox so i’m gonna keep it ford, some midrange engine (lots of the 80’s stuff was short stroke) will have enough power to push it along, it only weights mabey 650kg with all the stuff off (roof doors windscreen).


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