well the trikes engine is in, took loads of photos, curseing bikepics.com lack of batch upload now.

started with nsr frame…

…and finished up with these

fiddled with engine placement all morning. hard to do with only one set of hands and a dark garage with a slopeing floor. one of the tires has no air so the trikes nowhere near level.

first a temporary adjustable front mount is tack welded in, it allow the engine to move back forth and sideways, but not twist.

i’ve used this piece of metal for years to align sprocket’s.

taken all these pics so I’m gonna use em!

spilt a lot of oil out of the gearbox when it was upside down, oil breather in built into the top rear engine mount.

first pic with body work on.

if you follow the links and zoom in you might find that the chain is out of alignment, i blame the poor light.

luckily i made some provisions to move the engine sideways with some spacers.

ugly bugger, ain’t it.

the tack welded temporay front mount.

both rear mounts there, top one will be finished next week, engine will have to come out again.

same deal this side, some strenghting may be added to bottom mounts.

can’t really see the chain aligment there. rear sprocket will be changed anyway and i doubt that the new one will be in exactly the same place.

totally wrecked after all that. most of the day was taken up makeing the first tempoary front bracket, plain sailing after that.


  • Steve says:

    Looking good….cant wait to take it to the forest!!

  • TerraRoot says:

    do you want to be in the test queue so? nab is first but i think he’ll chicken out. I’ve already run myself over twice whilst just pushing it around!

  • Big cock choc says:

    Ahhh is that the mad bananna:). Thats cool. I want a go when its done:) How are you getting on with the welder, i need some tips, lino siad shes getting me one for christmas:) Im gona get the gassless and see how i get on with it, if i dont like it ill just switch it over to gas. Ill have to call up and look at it….

  • TerraRoot says:

    yeah cool, only one tip for you, the std gasless wire the comes with your welder is probably shite, a new roll from the local SWS (southern welding supplies) made a huge difference,
    drop up if you want,any tuesday before 5ish.

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