Yep changeing my work day to tuesday. dont get too excited. Can get a bit more work done now that the girlfriend is going to college, not that i did a lot today..

My cbr’s chain was a little worn, brand new chain and oil change at 33000miles on this set of clocks.

This is the best way of get the new rivet link on to the chain. much better then bashing head against it like i did last time just before the Scotland trip.

Not much done to the atc, the big hole is all patched up and i put on the wheels, as i pushed it around (i was not makeing engine noises!) i noticed just how bad the understeer is. not gonna need that front brake for sure. better rear brake couldn’t hurt tho.

Next week will see me dicking around trying to get the new engine in, unless some thing else breaks.

Decided to get a cbr1000f, got three reasons,

1. good enough for two up sunday rideing.

2. when i kill it, the brake/front end can live on with the cbr6(plus some other bits).

3. the engine (provided i get a 89 onwards) will be bullet proof and under 1000cc perfect for a cheaply taxed lotus sevensque kit car. just add a turbo!

Sarge made my car really stinky. you think metal can’t retain a smell? you ain’t seen whats in sarges bin bags…..


  • Steve says:

    feck me….is that really a front sprocket??how was your bike driving??

  • admin says:

    perfectly fine for work but when i got out on the open roads.. click click click (ease off throttle) bang!
    thanks for finally commenting, was it easy? you get first go for the trike!

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