Turned up all ready to tear into the trike and my dad sits me down..

“Son i think superchargers are for pussys, why not shove in an engine with four times the power?”

So we did. all thoughs of complete and utter uncontrolabilty were through out the window so fast you’d think i was a war scientest.

chain run looks good, and its compact and narrow.

Whipped out the cd70 engine, note how many layers of metal are in that hole, six! goddamnit

This is with the lower engine mount in the same place as the cd70 lower engine mount. chain run ain’t to bad. but the gearbox looks like it will run dry and the carb will leak too.

This is better, chain tensioner will be putting the tension on the inside of the chain now, and with the engine so far forward, there will be a big space for a oil bottle, maybe even a battery!.

This arm was welded on. then some ejit put the tension bolt back in. wtf? why?

Spare metal, as you can see it’s a bit bent.

After cleaning up the rust the inner skin had some supports welded in, and the outer skins were welded together.

And thats the outer skins added in, big hole still in the middle, but it will have to wait until next week when i shall be tryin to figure out where to put the supercharger. Or devolping superhuman reflex’s and mad rideing skill.

maybe i should remove the starlets suspension just to see what it feels like..

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