cub90 test

Can you tell what it is yet?

Yep, stop ya stones getting in ya engine!

All set for the new years day test run

..and i ran out of fuel, twice, appears that setting the L needle really far out wasn’t a good idea, who’d have thunk it?

anyway after farting about all day, i set the L needle where it should be and it still didn’t run great, in 1-3 it would pull like it had a power band, but falls flat in fourth. got better as the day wore on, keep forgetting there is plenty of running still to do on this cylinder piston and rings.

couple of backfires/pops here and there too, indicating what i already knew, the valve seats needs fixing.

regarding the lack of up top power, the head isn’t ported so with that done it may help alot, or it could just plainly be the gearing, 24mm CVK carb on the way in case we need more breathing. it’s also much slower at 81kmh rather that 87kmh

Vibration! much reduced which is really a very handy thing for an endurance racer.

Saw this on the run, hydraulic drum brake mod,


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