axiam mega city, more half assed

So thats the service, battery, huge and 0.0 volts.

The main traction battery, fucking heavy.

Find the dead battery!

Dropped a tool into the depths of the motor bay, so had to take the soggy under tray off. found a nice diff/gearbox, it’s clockablity is making me want to put a bike motor in.

also the bloody expensive broken leccys bit, they want me to put a bike motor in too.

this mofo

dead service battery replaced by a semi alive traction battery, for now.

new config, still 48volts

so dead, so heavy.

still have to replace the ESC, want to mount it inside to avoid getting it wet.


  • Maximilian Frey says:

    I have also a Mega E-City and I have a problem with one cable.
    I don’t know any more where the gray cable in the middle between the batteries has to be connected.
    Can you help me?

  • TerraRoot Lande says:

    Front left battery negative to front right battery positive, it goes under the tunnel, the pics above show it, front of the car is down in pics 3 and 4

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