Aixam Mega City a751

I bought this! yeah em quite some time ago, couldn’t sort the insurance just yet, but after the weekend i’ll rolling down the road in a fibreglass box

IMG_20160627_192215 IMG_20160627_192230 IMG_20160629_191021 IMG_20160628_145109 IMG_20160628_145128 IMG_20160628_145159 IMG_20160628_145247 IMG_20160628_145254

still haven’t found the service battery, 48volt gold buggy motor, about 350kilos of lead acid battery. 60kmh downhill, brakes a seized i hope and not just shite.

needs a cycle analyst of some such, stock instrumentation is laughable.

planning on lithium upgrade, maybe next summer.

oh most importantly, no NCT needed for this car!


that totally worked.

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