So, I got nice fat work bonus, but i still couldn’t find any yzf750 forks and the one monkey bike i could find online, the seller wasn’t answering, so i had a choice:


Or this one:


Much humping later, and using the three wheeled berg for a cart, got it up to the garage and removed the linings from the shoes.( must put a l/m engine in that berg)


Pump the tyres, polish with a bit of wd40 and blast off all the dead leaves:


And so, on to everything that is wrong with it, or why it ended up being left behind in our ditch when the owner went back to germany:

Positive gear-changes? no.


Camchain, the only bit i need to tell you here is that the honda setup for locking the camchain guide blades can lock them and be oil tight. the single bolt the previous owner put in there could only do one of those thing, and i don’t see any oil stains outside on the casing.
This tells you a lot about whats going to be wrong inside this engine.


Dreaded seized clutch push rod, magnesium and steel don’t mix. currently soaking in GT86.


Oil filer covered in metal bits and cheap rubber insta-gasket crap.


Rear sprocket is totally foooked, rear shocks are shots, exhaust has nice fist sized hole in it, bright metal dust and a lock-nut from the tappets in the sump, one (only one!) fork seal leaking. and some tape around the inlet manifold. still more horrors to find.

Should have held on for that chinese monkey bike.


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