cub racer

Only one pic today, the sony sp is still in the shop they can’t fix it so i’m getting it back broken. I’m an idiot for buying a sony.

things done today, two patchs for the land rover, a dolomite 1500 turned up as a spares car for the Sprint, An SRAD 600 is dumping the coolant into the sump so we got some trouble shooting done on the oil pump and the oil cooler.

Best thing done today, got the racer 90 ready for road, made a bracket for some random coil and chucked it on.


Bit of petrol and away she went! took off race plates and stickers next, on the road that stuff will just get attention. Not sure if super shocks will get through scrutineering so i’ll try to find something less conspicuous.

Raise the compression, jet up a little, go win some races!


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