computer salvage

Amstrad drx890, aka as a sky+ box, salvaged a nice 500gb hard drive, an sata cable, a molex ide to sata power cable and a little heat sink. also the metal it’s made of will be used for other projects. can’t be arsed doing anything with the chip, I’m pretty sure it runs linux, just not interested in re-purposing it.rPHOTO_20140424_155004

Moloch is doing well, i gave up on trying to use mdadm software raid and started with LVM, bit of man page reading and bish bash bosh up and running in under a three hours, with only four drives and no need for a fifth system drive, got a whole 400GB’s of space for media and made a 40GB for owncloud. the beauty of LVM is that i can resize any of these logical volumes on the fly, feel like a proper admin now 🙂  soon some game servers will be up and running on this box, all i have to do is find a game that cross’s minecraft and GTA..


Gotta go play Enemy Territory at a LAN party, so i made a short ATX case to make carting about my quad core easy or even possible considering the weight of the bugger. This is the front getting glued on. Some interesting paint and handle to come, but it better be quick drying paint..


Left overs, just bought a 4″ vice some cheap little clamps and a pin hammer to help form all this flimsy sheet metal into RC car parts.



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