My own server

Wanted my own cloud server, so i built it, hello 1998 hardware!


Something missing there..


Remember always button up everything before checking have you left out anything really important…


Next part was getting extra power for the ati x800 graphics card, not a proper project with out some soldering.


Why extra power? now at this point i was awake for something like 28 hours (dodgy kidneys and coffee, don’t do it kids) so for some reason i built the hard drive caddy with five drives, despite only 2 ata ports on the mobo, any way one turned out dead anyway, i now have 4 healthy maxtors.


Sexy meccano hard drive caddy, really not doing much for heat dissipation, but right now nothing much happening on the drives and there under 40 degrees, so ok for now.


After all that? turned out it was a dead memory stick, ran fine for 3 days anyway..



Specs now are Gigabyte ga-7vt600, athlon xp 2400, ati x800, 1280 ram, four maxtor ata133 hard drives.

Right now i have two drives raid-0’d, one hdd doing nothing, and one as the system drive. will try to get the system drive on a usb stick of some sort so i can free the drives , they will be arranged in raid-10, i could use the speed of raid-0 but the ata cables (two drives on one cable) restrict the speed to make that pointless. and i don’t really need 480 GB’s of space either 240 is loads since i don’t count movies as vital backups.

setup OwnCloud in ten minutes, works great even on the android

Future? build UPS, make it quieter, water cooled cpu, fanless gfx card, air filtration system (briggs and stratton air filter 😀 ) better/quieter fan in the PSU. Maybe a dedicated raid or expansion card so i can skip the usb system drive..


Lovely and warm in ma server room now

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