cbr, bloody valves

So the other day after i changed the front tyre, the rear went flat while i was speeding to work, que two days of driving the chromtastic cb550 before i got the spare time for cbr6 shenanigans.

ted got the supermoto wheels off the dominator,


Apart the obvious chain chewing, it not a street tyre, not much point in putting it on when it’ll be ripped up too quickly.


Luckily, it was only the valve, stupid thing is too long and the metal neck flops about the place.


So what else is buggered up? the carrier bearing AGAIN and my underused rear brake rusted up in pretty much every fucking place.


Probably need a new one of these…


Ah feckit, often do i use the rear brake anywho?


Cleaned, greased and ready to roll for just until i get the yzf on the road which right after i will chop the shit outa the poor cbr. i mean it this time!



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