bugger all done again

and now i won’t have a day off next week either, so noting will be done then either.

out for a spin last weekend, cold as!

0404SSA40747 0404SSA40748 0404SSA40749 0404SSA40750 0404SSA40751

ted painted the bike trailer


Looks a bit too dark, but i think i’ll go with it any way with limestone wolf wheels and roof.


Since nifty fifty 2014 will be allowing modified bikes (no idea of the rules yet) i’ve shelved the idea of using the vintage frame. can’t be chopping the nice frame up, also supercharger ;D


may need a wiring loom………



Also previously i greased up all the track rods and noticed the steering was a lot better, but i noticed one of the grease nipples was pretty much rusted away. today i grabbed the whole track rod a gave it a twist, SQUEEK SQUEEEK! new track rod there any way lol

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