poke the land rover

Still haven’t found a decent leafer forum to ask questions, should i join pirate4x4 and suffer the suggestions to add ten tons of iron and a kitchen sink or ollr.net and put up with the gay bashing…

any way took some under body shots to help identify thingys.


Some leakage, very small, but it’ll have to be fixed 🙁 skinky diesel.


only a small bit on the ground


Salisbury axle i think.


stone’s flung from the rear wheel through the tub, like bullet holes!


Lt77 gearbox, gotta take the top off and do that gearchange bush.


More lt77 bell housing


Encrusted, poked a load off and found the adjuster for the shoes.


More poking, needs painting.


Tried to take drum off, but needed some imperial bolts to screw in, and nope don’t have. The edge of the drum is all chipped from someone else trying to hammer the drum off. also the clicker on the adjuster won’t click, adjusted it anyway, brakes much improved but there is more to do, probably at the rear or just tighter clearance’s at the front, hard to tell what clearance is needed with out the clicks,


First chassis hole, not in a bad place but i’ll still have to weld upside down, hate that.


Got paint! bit darker then what i wanted, so i’ll just use it for the underside/chassis.



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