things to restore

May put aside 10 mins each day of my break to restore (ha!) either of these things, first this vintage stiga compact ride on, 8hp b&s is probably weather seized and the deck is well fooked, if i can get the engine to turn over i’ll keep the eyes peeled for a second hand deck.

Perfect for teds small garden, even fit through the gate.

Teles two man chain saw, probably sw4, 1940/50’s at least

options here:

a, RPC, just in case godzilla atacks, you never know…

b, strap it to anything, instant +10 manliness, fiat cinqs, ice cream vans, tuktuks..

The Length!

fucking crocodile dundee would be like,”Shit mate, i didn’t see you behind that chain saw. I’ll put my knife thoothpick away now..”


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