awesome day

first day off work today, so had a lazy morning then got cracking,

the bajaj got another carb, dellorto 21.5 left over from the runner plus the ginormous air filter.

It was still misbehaving after that so i stripped off the tin ware to have a look just in case and then replaced the coil with something that had been left out side in the rain for 4-5 years and not just one winter.

And by fuck it worked! reved out sweetly but hung so it’s lean, least i can find jets for this carb, but it may be a better idea to buy another 24mm oko, since i have a few jets for that. Second hand expansion pipe, shorten up the inlet, 8000rpm CDI and some porting. Yeah still slow but i think thats not really goning to be a bad point.

Then the day got even better, new helmet arrived and the fooker fitted! 😀 goes well with new jacket too.

Can’t wait for first paycheck


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