I has brakes!!!

Well it turned out that the bajaj shoe adjustment is done by the handbrake cable, no flipping auto adjustment! still spongy but it stops well, also it seems the holes in the floor have another use; light for when your working underneath ūüôā

won’t run now, figging carb.

Next i might have to go back to delivering pizza for extra money, so the cbr got a look over. Found a foot hanger that has a raised fulcrum point for better gear changes. It was in the scrap pile, looked brand new.

after some research it turned out it was an f3 hanger, and nope i didn’t have a f3 gear¬†change¬†lever. So i tried to make a new pivot brush, that didn’t turn out so clever, the lose brush i found was 0.17mm too big and after half an hour of filing i gave up.

So the lever i needed had to be 10mm spaced out, much easier to make then the blasted pivot.

needed a longer adjustment bar, rg125f to the rescue, 2secs in the vice to straighten it out.

On it goes, gear change has improved! thank fook, i would like a longer adjustment bar but thats a bugger to make, may just buy an f3 lever some time in the future, maybe if i make some money lol.

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