the new year

Well the stephens day classic run went great, i didn’t break down, i got a go off of a dt230 and i avoided the rain. On the other hand the damp road flung lots of crap about the place and i fecked up all the photos i took.

you can look at the shots anyway on my mums picasa album.

mucky jacket:

Even got some in the airbox, got that cleaned up and installed some lighter rollers again since the jetting feels spot on.

Treated the scooter to some duck tape.

Had a quick spin into town today, massive improvement in acceleration, must get a proper pipe one day. fuel consumption is as bad as ever at 7.55L/100km, that was at the classic run, it’ll probably be worse now with the lighter rollers.



  • Steve says:

    What weight rollers you running??

  • TerraRoot says:

    same as it was before i changed the carb, was only running standard rollers to make it easier for me to jet it. three light ones and three standard ones, around the 12.5g mark i think.

  • Tony H. says:

    Hello from Canada.

    I’m enjoying all the fun your having with all those machines 🙂

    I have some humor for you… I give them to you for fun only okay…

    1) Was there a fire sale on Red paint?
    2) Red paint does not require sanding & prepping, especially on jeep frames.
    3) Why weld the tuk tuk, red paint can hold it together.


    Anyway keep having fun. You should look into media blasting and DIY powder coating. I think maybe caswell in the UK sell a DIY gun… (It’s good for little MC bits).

  • TerraRoot says:

    well red is faster. and yeah it was cheaper 🙂

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