More runner jetting

Well parts have finally come for the runner, the oko parts are much nicer (things like a proper seal on the air screw and it’s all brass not plated cheap metal) then the motoforce parts, when i get another one (possibly for the rxs) it’ll be an oko, none of this shit cheap copy of a copy of a copy.

Also fitted new fuel pipes and put a tiny drain hole at the bottom of the airbox, and went for a spin to the petrol station, took 11.33 litres to fill it, so about 11.5 litres for a full tank. after a longer spin with a 107 main jet installed the full throttle flat spot was worse so i’ve ordered a 112 and a 115 which should be spot on.

Got a bargain hayabusa clock cage, fairing fit great now, but i still need some tiny hard to find screws to finish the other side.

Great looking benly 125, first thing we talked about was how to make it something other than glacially slow. turbo rat rod bike?

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