more bajaj brakes

Well, the old holding down the lever didn’t work so i cracked on with the nipples, which didn’t work either (5/16 size for those interested) further inspection revealed the sexy aluminium drums (well when there clean..) and the fact the rear wheels can be reversed easy like if i need it to be much wider.

So i pointed the blame at the slave cylinders, and i was right! the rubber sleeves had disintegrated and water was left in, created rust and muck just where you don’t need it, clean them up and no joy, bigger 14mm master cylinder bunged on, will weld that up next week.

Tzr250 3ma oil pumps, the short one is the earlier correct for mine one and the long one is in suspect condition as well, bum hats.

I’ve been trying to talk my self out of doing this for a few months now, but the little voice in the back of my head got a tiny foot hold and told me it was okay to make up a photochop, the idea is now fully formed and raging about the place now..

Check the foot peg placement, totally doable, the air box will fit under the seat, a new subframe and tank will have to be made up to go under the seat, a wider seat will have to be made (about 2″) and the bars will need massive risers, i’ll be on tippy toes where ever i stop.

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