bajaj brakes

Got brake lines in pretty quickly.

There a bit all over the place, should have spent a bit more time measuring the lengths.

Still there all in and not leaking (yet)

The bleed nipples are imperial, so i’m not risking rounding them off by using them thus i needed to raise the front like so and put a weight on the pedal, let all the air travel up in its own good time to the┬áreservoir.

If it all goes well, i need to fix a brake light switch and brace the master cylinder mount, then the electrics.



  • John says:

    Did you get the lines made up in that place on sarsfield’s ???

  • TerraRoot says:

    nope, they didn’t have the m10 pieces, so i got it all down at john desmonds in turners cross, luckily i search ebay before hand and figured that i needed 89 starlet rear hoses, they don’t make up the flexible stuff.

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