more trikes, more bajaj

Got a pic of the quad or whats left of it, gonna fit that sexy monster swingarm to this to make a reverse trike, don’t like reverse trikes but it’s all cheap fun.

Needs lowering, also we found that the lt50 out back has the same 3/90 pcd as the chinese¬†quad axle, we’re borrowing those wheel anywho!

Saw some fricking sweet atv wheels which NEED to be fitted to the bajaj, but thats for some other day, for now i just robbed an xt350 switch gear for the wiring loom, whipped the body off for more repairs then welded in extra steel to support the brake pedal.

Not much done really, did spend the day convincing ted we need those two honda 125 engines for our new trikes and that he had to buy them, and once he has them sure it’ll cost nothing to throw them together, they’d make excellent winter hacks!



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