Stuff done.

Well started fine tuning the runners jetting.

My pwk 24mm carb has:

Needle          JJH

Main jet        110

pilot              40

slide              3.1mm  tough to measure this

float height  18.8

Air Screw     2 turns out

The pilot is way too rich, at quarter throttle it’s four-stroking like mad and quarter throttle is from 0-80kmh, couldn’t find a 38 jet online so got a 36, may have to put the air screw out one turn, rather then an optimal 1.5, but with a 36 i should be able to get at least an idle.

Also found an injection kit which seems to be built on microsquirt, very interested.

Not much done to the bajaj, tried to get the drum off to check the brakes, didn’t wanna come, so i assume i need a proper diagram of how the front is supposed to come off or it’s rusted on. Got the wheel changed tho.

Busa tank is ready so got started on the fairing, rear posts for the light needed trimming but no other faults yet.

Nice ain’t it? you can see the hump paint don’t match.

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