Moto2 challenge

For the sake of my portfolio, i’m gonna make a moto2 spec bike, only gonna spend the spare days at it.

Of course i couldn’t get my hands on the actual moto2 book with the very handy model of the cbr600rr engine, so i just made do with some internet research for the engine. sorted the wheelbase the seat height and the tyres today, the seat is the wonkiest but the wheels are very nice carbon fibre. the actual chassis (the fun part!) i haven’t made up my mind yet, a hossack front end would the best of the conventional design (it still needs a frame) but a tesi/veyron would lightest (sod all frame) however the veyron type need special wheels big bearing and would be a little difficult to squeeze the rad the exhaust and the shock in the same place.

also i think that 190/65 rear tyre might be a bit too tall, have to look into that, one site said it was 55, more research!



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