TZR250 3ma

Well finally got to ride it, didn’t go over 4k, don’t have a number plate so don’t want any sort of attention, it was lovely and crisp gotta find that plate and taste the powerband!

list of thing that need fixing:

the gearchange lever, way too short

handle bar grips worn out

rear brake pads

coolant over flow bottle

set of plastics/paintjob and put some air in the tyres

thats not a bad list all in all..

also cleaned the cbr6 abit.

random coolant bottle which is not right for the tzr

RXS is out of the shed at my house and moved to the garage, ought to get started on that too.




  • Steve says:

    i’m so up a go off that when you have it done….

  • TerraRoot says:

    all it’s really missing is rear brake pads… oh and I’ve lost all the PO details again… pretty please could you find them for me?

  • Steve says:

    i’ll see what i can do….i know i put it somewhere for safe keeping!!

  • TerraRoot says:

    thank fuck, you knew i’d lose it, so you kept them details right? lol

  • choco says:

    RXS looks the tits!!!

  • TerraRoot says:

    i have a man to fix the forks, i just gotta get them apart then find a load of similar(simple?) minded people who also want to drive there tiny farting two strokes around the place like teenagers.

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